Check that the photo is what you want the design to look like.

The recommendation is you digitize a project multiple times to give you a selection. Every design produced is different, even with the same settings.

1. Select your project.

2. Press the "Digitize" button

3. Set the digitizing settings

4.  Press "Start Digitizing."

The Hoop is the maximum design size.
Thread Sets ​​​​​​are the colors the system can pick.
Maximum Colors is the number of colors the system can select from the thread set.
Maximum Trims: The number of times color can be cut.


  • You can make your custom hoops to keep the system from creating a design too large for your machine.

  • Height” and “Width” have locked proportions and set the design’s size, including any transparent pixels.

Thread Set:

  • You can make a custom set than just your thread. Select New Thread Set in the main menu.

Maximum Colors:

  • Tip: Figure the expense of more colors versus details. Sometimes it’s worth the extra colors, and sometimes it doesn't make that big of a difference in the overall image.
  • Minimum 1
  • Maximum 35

Maximum Trims:

  • The maximum times a thread color can be cut.
  • The system reduces cuts if it can.
  • Like maximum colors, allowing more cuts can increase the quality; however, more cuts take more time.
  • If your image has lots of islands of color, like a polka dot dress, you may need to increase the number of cuts.
  • With some images, you may be able to decrease the cuts and get good results.
  • Minimum 1
  • Maximum 50