The recommendation is you digitize a project miltimul times to give you a selection. Every design is different even with the same settings.

1. Select your project within Projects.

2. Press the "Digitize" button

3. Set the digitizing settings

Thread Set: The colors that the system can pick from.
Maximum Colors: The number of colors the system can select from a Thread Set.
Maximum Trims: The number of times a color can be cut.
For most photos the system defaults with a system thread set. This should produce good results.

4.  Press "Start Digitizing"

Thread Set:

  • To make a custom tread set select New Thread Set in the main menu
  • You can make a custom set with just you thread inventory

Maximum Colors:

  • This is used to limit the number of colors the system can use.
  • Tip: Figure in the expense of more colors verses details. Sometimes it’s worth the extra colors and sometimes it doesn't make that big of a difference in the overall image.
  • Minimum 1
  • Maximum 35

Maximum Trims:

  • The maximum times a color can be cut.
  • The system reduces cuts if it can.
  • Like maximum colors, allowing more cuts can increase the quality; however, more cuts take more time.
  • If your image has lots of islands of color, like a polka dot dress, you may need to increase the number of cuts.
  • WIth some images, you may be able to decrease the cuts and get good results.
  • Minimum 1
  • Maximum 50