Convert photos or art into embroidery designs.

The online digitizing tool that makes sew files for your embroidery machine

Collage of sewn photos

Sew your photos or art on jackets, canvas for framing, bags, purses, and more.

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Creates blended images with no color guessing.

Original Thomas Jefferson Image  Simulation of Thomas Jefferson sew out  Sew out of Thomas Jefferson

The system picks colors to match the image from thread sets. Make a custom thread set to use your existing thread inventory. The system does the work of matching thread colors to the image.

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Not dependent on fabric color.

Sew out on light colored substrateSew out on dark colored substrate

You can sew your images on any color substrate. The system fills the image covering the background. Optionally you can set a background color and use it in the image. This can reduce stitch counts and create interesting effects.

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Sew small images with detail

Original image on background Simulation image on background

Sew out of image a quarter scale to the size of the sew out

Our state of the art technology allows you to achieve higher detail, smooth blending with less colors. The system layers the threads based on its perceived color to produce photo-realistic embroidery you’ll have to see to believe. Sign up, upload, run. See your simulation images free

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