We are a family-run business that is currently specializing in embroidery software.

We have two programs a site that digitizes photographs for embroidery PhotoEmbroidery.com and Touch Embroidery an embroidery digitizing app for Android

We got our start in embroidery software when I was working in an embroidery shop  developing my artistic digitizing talent and my brother asked how I would digitize photographs and after discussing the two ways, photo stitch digitizing and by artistic talent. We were unimpressed with the quality of the photostitch output and my brother fresh out of C.S.U. with a degree in computer science and was looking for a new project and figured he could do better.  After coding a proof of concept and it showing signs of working…. Countless hours and several core rewrites and lessons learned, over the better part of a decade. The PhotoEmbroidery.com system is now to a point that anyone can use it to create photorealistic embroidery